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edition 146 | 12-07-19

In the UK

Instagram will warn users if they're about to post something mean

The move comes as the UK government develops laws which would make social media companies responsible for their users' well-being.

Social media firms warned over 'alarming' bullying rise

Minister who was a victim of bullying at school says phone-based bullying can persist '24/7'.

Young people's mental health is deteriorating. Here's why it matters to us all.

We think it’s time for a fresh approach to tackling this issue.

Fears for child mental health as primary school exam marks rise

'Test-driven primary assessment is damaging children’s mental health,' union says.

Three in five children have been victims of bullying in school, survey finds

Majority of young people worry about experiencing abuse when online, research shows.

In the US

Social media giants face US grilling over failure to protect children

Social media giants are set to be hauled in front of the US senators over harmful content being shown to young children.

US report on mass attacks: Mental health a major factor

Two-thirds of all mass public attacks in the United States last year were carried out by someone with mental health problems.

U.S. public has little confidence in social media companies to determine offensive content

Americans have complicated views about the role social media companies should play in removing offensive content from their platforms.

Indigenous teenagers say they were laughed at during a school performance. This is emotional abuse

When I’ve been racially and emotionally abused, my non-Indigenous peers have remained silent

Youth suicides are up in WA. Can the state help?

In the two-plus decades since teen suicide prevention made a major impact, a new wave of deaths is prompting new approaches to the problem.

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