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edition 149 | 02-08-19

In the UK

More than 200,000 secondary school children may have been groomed online, NSPCC research suggests

Research estimates that more than 200,000 teenagers in the UK have sent, received or been asked to send explicit messages or images online.

Number of over-16s going into care increases 25% in four years, report finds

More teenagers are entering care as they are being exploited, children's commissioner says.

Prince William wants to ‘change the game on mental health’ with new FA campaign

Campaign launches on Sunday at Community Shield match between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Mental health: The skateboarding club helping students' well-being

This is like any other university society. They're students, they skateboard, but they also happen to have mental health conditions.

Drunk teacher said prom girls were 'gagging for it', panel hears

A teacher got drunk at a school's end of year prom, told male pupils the girls were "gagging for it" and threatened to "knock out" the school principal, a panel heard.

In the US

Why the increase in sexual assaults reported by schools?

Among the increases noted in the annual crime and violence survey was a jump in the number of schools reporting sexual assault nationwide.

US could ban 'addictive' autoplay videos and infinite scrolling online

Senator says bill aims to tackle features that ‘capture attention by using psychological tricks’.

Even in the #MeToo era, survivors struggle to get help

#MeToo has radically changed our collective awareness about sexual trauma, along with our willingness to believe survivors, we still have not come to terms with the barriers to recovery and healing.

Educators believe video will be the key to personalized learning

Nearly 100 percent of teachers agree the future of learning will be visual, according to a new report.

'Fake news,' diminishing media trust and the role of social media

The perception of the "fake news" phenomenon is critical to combating the ongoing global erosion of trust in the media.

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