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edition 153 | 06-09-19

In the UK

At least two children in every class have contemplated suicide because of bullying

At least two youngsters in each class has contemplated suicide due to bullying, a examine for the Diana Award has revealed.

Screen time concerns among parents ‘fighting for their children’s attention’

More than a third of parents have admitted they are competing against gadgets when it comes to getting their children’s attention, according to a survey.

77% of teens with mental health problems blame school

Studies find the pressure to succeed at school has a significant impact on pupils' mental health.

More than half of pupils experience bullying at school

Bullying has a “shocking” impact on young people’s mental health – and it happens to more than half of pupils during their time at school, new research suggests.

Ofsted inspections for top-rated schools to be reinstated

Schools rated outstanding will no longer be exempt from inspections by Ofsted, under new plans announced by the Department for Education (DfE).

In the US

More states requiring mental health education

Experts recommend beginning as early as kindergarten, with a focus on age-appropriate instructional practices in areas like reducing stigma and obtaining and maintaining good mental health.

High chronic absenteeism rates among special needs students raise alarms

In New York City, about 26,000 students with disabilities missed at least 20% of school days in the 2015-16 school year.

Setting social media boundaries between teachers and students

While increased technology access gives teachers and students more ways to communicate, it's also important to ensure both parties know what is and is not acceptable.

A growth mindset intervention can change students' grades if school culture is supportive

Boosting academic success derives from changing students' attitudes about their abilities through a short online intervention.

Is Trauma-Sensitive Schooling a Right for Distressed Kids?

Three ongoing lawsuits make the case that schools have a responsibility to consider and mitigate the effects of students' personal traumas on their learning.

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