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edition 159 | 18-10-19

In the UK

Child, four, among pupils taking weapons to school

More than a thousand children were caught with weapons in school last year, according to a survey of 29 police forces in England and Wales.

'County-lines gangs fuelling' child slavery rise

There has been an eightfold increase in the number of child victims of modern slavery referred by local councils in England for support.

Ofsted workload prompts teacher wellbeing fears

New survey shows curriculum design is a major driver of workload for middle leaders.

How to talk to pupils about mental health problems

Talking about mental health issues is vital, says Tara Porter. So it can help to consider the five Ws.

Child gambling a 'growing problem' – study

Two-fifths of 11- to 16-year-olds have gambled in the past year, research suggests.

In the US

New California laws aim to prevent bullying and suicides

There has been a rash of school bullying incidents reported in Pennsylvania, Maine and California in recent weeks, some of them deadly.

Human interaction, SEL in curriculum key to curbing cyberbullying

Focusing on interpersonal skills, even amid the perceived anonymity of the digital world, helps students learn to be more accountable in their words and interactions, experts say.

Teen suicides are increasing at an alarming pace, outstripping all other age groups, a new report says

Suicide death rates among teenagers and young adults have increased at an alarming pace in the past decade, according to a new government report.

5 strategies to engage students with attention issues

Engaging students with attention issues and ADHD—rather than just managing their behavior—should be a goal for every teacher.

K–12 Schools Remain Vulnerable to Email Phishing Attacks

Training staff to practice email hygiene and use filters are just two ways to prevent breaches of sensitive information.

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