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edition 161 | 01-11-19

In the UK

Molly Russell entered ‘dark rabbit hole of suicidal content’ online

Instagram said it has removed double the amount of material relating to self-harm and suicide since the start of this year.

School Exclusions and Knife Crime: Why We Must Listen To Vulnerable Children More

Exclusion rates in English state-funded schools are on the rise, alongside concerns about the impact of exclusion on the well-being of children and on public safety.

Mental health prescriptions rising fastest in 10-14-year-old Scots

The adverse experiences that led to children entering the care system remain with them through school, says Fiona Aitken.

What schools should know about children in care

Twice as many students are turning to adult work – which includes sugar dating and having sex for money – amid financial concerns and rising living costs, a survey has suggested.

School nurses create ‘unique’ health and wellbeing site for pupils

School nurses have created a new health and wellbeing website targeted at pupils aged 11 to 14 attending secondary schools across Surrey.

In the US

3 best practices for addressing hate and prejudice on school grounds

A strong culture against intolerance is key to prevention, but some experts say administrators aren't prepared for these incidents.

How to Connect With Your Kids’ Digital Interests and Become a Media Mentor

Here are three steps to help you make the transition from being a time cop to media mentor.

Is this the end of end-of-year testing?

Some states and districts are using other methods to arrive at a "summative" score, opting instead for “through-year” assessments that allow for instructional adjustments.

Strong mobile device management a necessity for district IT efficiency

As more schools leverage technology, implementing strong mobile device management platforms to protect students from inappropriate content at school is increasingly imperative.

U.S. Students’ Scores Drop in Math and Reading

The latest results from the Nation’s Report Card show declines in student performance across demographics.

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