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edition 162 | 08-11-19

In the UK

Teen self-harm: rates have dramatically decreased in Denmark – here's what other countries can learn

Having better access to mental health support could be one reason for lower self-harm rates among Danish teens.

I was racially abused - then my school tried to suspend me

A teenager who suffered racist abuse at school is calling for more to be done to tackle the problem and support victims.

Primary schools should not consult parents before teaching LGBT+ relationships, watchdog chief says

Government urged to strengthen guidance to ensure children learn about same-sex families.

Hold schools accountable for expelled pupils’ exam results to reduce knife crime, MPs say

‘Children out of mainstream education are at serious risk of gang exploitation,’ report says.

Without school support, anorexic pupils won't recover

The most important first step for anorexic pupils is to start eating properly, says Tara Porter. But they need supervision for this – in school and out.

In the US

Protecting Teens' Mental Health Is a Wise Investment

As kids settle into college life, parents and teachers need to be on the lookout for signs of anxiety and depression and be ready to step in to help.

We All Need to Be Educated about Suicide Prevention

Rates are increasing, especially among children and teens.

5 big challenges confronting districts — and how they're overcoming them

Balancing school security with a nurturing environment and recovering from teacher strikes are among challenges districts will continue to face in the coming year.

US students show low-to-medium tech skills

A 12-country international study shows just because students grow up with digital devices doesn’t mean they have "sophisticated" skills.

How our district cultivates a healthy student mindset

Five specific actions are helping this district promote a healthy student mindset and ensure students are meeting positive outcomes.

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