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edition 163 | 15-11-19

In the UK

Bullying is a main concern for under-12s

The charity exclusively told Newsround that it gave 4,006 counselling sessions last year to children who were worried about this.

Kids' social media app ad banned on health grounds

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the phrase "get likes and followers to level up" could have a "detrimental effect on youngsters' mental health and self-esteem".

Teachers use therapy to improve student behaviour

Teachers in West Berkshire are using therapeutic learning to try and help students to feel and behave better.

Department of Education criticised for secretly sharing children's data

The UK’s privacy regulator has criticised the DfE for secretly sharing children’s personal data with the Home Office, triggering fears it could be used for immigration enforcement as part of the government’s hostile environment policy.

Teachers 'need more training' to combat sexual abuse

Charity says teachers must receive more training to deliver sex and relationships education confidently to prevent child sexual abuse.

In the US

How districts are addressing adolescent mental health

Adolescent mental health is an urgent and pressing issue--here's what districts can do to take care of students.

Students killed in California school shooting

Two teenagers are killed and three wounded in Santa Clarita by a gun suspect on his 16th birthday.

Senate bill would require schools to monitor student social media

The ACLU says the bill goes too far and is an invasion of privacy, while the Brennan Center for Justice has found little evidence monitoring tools are effective.

TikTok: Powerful Teaching Tool or Classroom Management Nightmare?

Kozlowsky is an early adopter to bringing the latest social media craze into the classroom. TikTok is a short-form video application, similar to the now-defunct Vine video platform.

Mental health crisis calls for urgent action, as individuals and policymakers

My bill will close a loophole, meaning patients will get the effective treatment they deserve.

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